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How to use video marketing as an entrepreneur, successfully

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 Are you ready to learn how to use video marketing as an entrepreneur, successfully?

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How to use video marketing as an entrepreneur // video marketing tips for beginners

This blog post is going to be really important because you’re going to finally see how to use video marketing successfully as a solopreneur, coach or digital business owner.

This is part of pillar 1 in my “Video Success Framework” that’s all about where you want to go with your video, ie. your roadmap to actually getting results.

Now what most 'Frustrated with Video' Solopreneurs or Coaches do is they just put out random content when they feel the inspiration without focusing on what knock on effect it will have on their business (or not have for that matter).

That causes you to be burnt out or frustrated by creating video after video but not being any further in your business, not growing your list, not making sales.

So in this video/blog we’re going to fix ‘that exact problem’ and I’m going to show exactly how to use video in your marketing so you can finally create more reach, impact and revenue for your business.

So step one, is you have to know your goal. With everything in business there is a goal in mind, so in video marketing you need a goal in order to actually be successful, and when you’re able to do this you’ll be able to grow your reach, impact and revenue online. So how we do that is determining what we want to achieve. Now this might be to grow your email list using YouTube, or Launching a Digital Product or Service using videos on Facebook, or Growing your following on Instagram. But the key is to get specific, so knowing the numbers of followers, leads, percentage of engagement and in what time frame.

Step two, we want to know what videos will get us to that goal because when you do that is when you start to see real results like achieve that growth to 5,000 in your email list, or having a 5-figure launch of your digital product or service.

Step three, knowing your message that will get people to stand up and pay attention. Because when you dial that in you have an audience that is your ideal customer just waiting to work with you. This comes from truly nailing who your audience is, what they want to hear from you you, and how what you offer will transform their life or business.

So you just learned how to effectively use video in your marketing so you can grow your reach, impact and revenue online BUT it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t understand how to structure those videos.

If you want to learn how to do that click here to download my free guide - 5 key elements your video needs.


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