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Making videos can seem like it takes FOREVER! So how to you make it so you have more time to create videos, FASTER!

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Have more time creating videos | make videos faster

Making videos doesn’t have to take you hours every week. There is a faster, and better, way to create videos, so you don't get burned out!

Now this is part of pillar 1 in my “Video Success Framework” Video Roadmap - that’s all about the exact process to actually creating effective videos.

Now what most 'Frustrated with Video' Solopreneurs or Coaches do is they create videos each week (or some each day), and rely on feeling inspired to get the job done.

And what that causes is you to be burnt out or frustrated by creating video after video that takes them hours and hours to create each one, whilst neglecting other high priority areas of your business, and that may be exactly what you’re doing right now.

So in this video we’re going to fix all that and I’m going to show exactly how to make time to create videos so you get the job done faster, with a proven and repeatable process - which I go through in this video (or keep reading).

So really it comes down to this:

Stop making videos every week! I love video and can’t think of anything more depressing! You’re actually losing time and energy by doing this.

What you want to do is create them in batches of 1-3 months, and when you’re able to do this, you can sit back and relax while your videos do the hard work (or focus on other areas of your business) without stressing about the next video you need to create.

So how we do this is batching each step of the process. You may have heard this term before but what does that actually mean.

That is coming up with video ideas for 6-12 months - yes the whole year that you can pick and choose from at anytime. Then Scripting, Filming, Editing & Scheduling enough videos for 1-3 or even 6 months at a time. You do this by setting aside a chunk of time for each step in a work week.

So for example, you should spend more time in the Script phase than anywhere else as this is where you craft a message that actually grabs attention and resonates with your ideal clients - so you may need a whole day for this depending on how many videos you’re doing at a time and if you’re starting from scratch or using proven template scripts.

Then filming should be much quicker (don’t worry about those mistakes), because in the editing you’ll fix those, which will take more time than filming but not as much as scripting. And then scheduling them out should take even less time than filming.

In all you’ve spent 1-4 days create content that will last you 1-6 months. If we look at the numbers. For 12 videos it would take me 60+hours to create those videos one every week. If I do it all in one go. I’ve only spent 32 hours over a series of days - that is cutting my time in half!!

So now you know how to make time for creating your videos you can grow your reach, impact and revenue online BUT it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t take action.

And I’m giving you access to my Trello template for planning out my video creation process. Just click the link below to access it:


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