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5 Key Ingredients for Online Video Course Success

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I'm going to reveal the five key ingredients to successful video courses.

Now you may have thought that you take your your course idea, your topic, then you create some videos and you put it inside a course platform and boom, you know, you'll make money for your business.

I understand why you think that is, because there is probably a lot more people you're seeing online creating online courses, you know, creating their own wealth using these courses. And what you see is the end result, you see, you know, a course topic, a landing page, maybe, and some videos and you think, cool, I can totally do that.

But once you start diving in and realizing all the elements that are actually involved, that can often give you that analysis paralysis, sort of trying to figure out well, what do I need? What don't I need? Where do I start? How do I pull the pieces together. And that's not good either.

So I wanted to share with you the five key ingredients that you need in order to have a successful online video course.

Ingredient No.1 - Knowing your Audience

The five key ingredients, we're going to start with the first one, and that is knowing your audience.

Now look, you might say, 'Hey, I know my audience, been working with them for years'. And that may be so.

But often a lot of us are sitting at a surface layer of our audience, we have a rough idea.We know some struggles, we know some goals.

But it's actually truing truly knowing your audience diving deep into, you know, not creating a fake avatar, but diving deep into who they really are, that's going to allow us to create a course that specifically for them that they're going to be excited about that is going to transform their life, get you more testimonials, and then sell your course.

So it really starts with knowing that audience, truly knowing your audience.

Ingredient No.2 - Clear Path to Creation

The next is the clear path to creation. You don't want to spend the next year, or even nine months creating your online course. I do have people say that they've been trying to fit the pieces together for a year, you want to clear path.

So you can get it done in a weekend, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, whatever fits into your timeframe and how you're running your business.Having a clear path to the creation is going to allow you to create that quickly. And it's not just about the video side of things, it is about the whole concept of mapping out your entire course what it's going to do for your for your audience, really knowing your audience, before you even dive into creating those videos.

Ingredient No.3 - Proven Launch Process

The next is having a proven launch process. So you'll see people out there launch in many different ways challenges, email launches, video series webinars. And sometimes you try and copy what they're doing. Because I know this because I did it right.

But once you actually understand or have access to a proven process, so you, you have a process that is proven to work, then that's when you actually see more success in that type of launch.

And look, not all launches are created equal. Depending on what type of person you are, how you'd like to run your business, and what your course is, we'll determine what kind of launch is best for your course, whether it's a challenge, video series, emails, webinars, all sorts of things. So proven launch processes ingredient number three.

Ingredient No.4 - Results-Driven Analysis

The next is results driven analysis. So this is a very key ingredient to what happens is after you've launched so you've got your proven launch process, you've done it having a results driven analysis.

So this is not 'Oh, I feel like it went badly cuz I got one sale, or oh my god, that tech fell over. I'm such a techtard and I can't do this.' That's emotional driven analysis. We want results driven analysis. So based on the results of your launch, and understanding how to interpret those.

Ingredient No.5 - Relaunching & Scaling

Once you understand how to interpret those results, you can then implement key ingredient number five, which is relaunching and scaling. So scaling is all about bigger and better. So you might start your launch and you make, you know, $5000 or $10,000 grand, but you go no, I want to make 40 grand per launch of this course, or $100,000 per launch of this course, well, having a real launch and scale plan is going to help you be able to do that.


But let me explain sort of what happens if you if you don't have all these key ingredients if you just have a couple of them.

So let's say you know your audience, you truly know your audience, right. And you have a clear path to your creation. So you you know them and you've got a quick way you can implement it. Well, without having the proven launch process the results driven analysis, the results and scale, you might get a few sales once you sort of open your course up to your audience but then the problem is it might peter out.

You might exhaust the audience you have the list that you have. And it just doesn't provide you that longevity, that sustainability and using courses as a way to generate the majority or all of your income for your business.

Let's add in that you've got that proven launch process in there, you know, so you know your audience, or your clear path creation know what kind of launch is going to work for you as a person and for you Your type of product that you're putting out there.

But once you finished your launch, what are you going to do?

Sure, you could try and relaunch in the exact same way that you did. And for the most part that may get you a few more sales as well. But without those results driven analysis, interpreting the results, and then knowing how to scale it, again, not not having that longevity in your business in terms of using courses as a way to provide you that, that freedom in the long term, financial and personal freedom that is.

But let's say that you have all the key technical elements, you know the path to creation, launch process results driven -  you've got all those, so you have a quick way to create your course, you know how you're going to, follow a process to launch it, to relaunch it, to scale it, you know how to interpret the results. But then you're gonna find probably in your results, you don't know your audience.

And when you don't know your audience, then all that hard work you put into implementing all the processes falls flat. I know this because I've done it.

That's why I speak from the knowing - without truly knowing your audience, you may get that surface layer, you may get a few sales, but then it starts to peter out again. Because you're not any different to anyone else. You're not talking truly to that person making them feel like oh my god this is the person I need to work with this is the person is going to give me the transformation I want in my life the desires my goals, without knowing that all that hard work you're putting down this end really doesn't again provide you with success when you want to be profitable with creating online courses.

Becoming the confident & profitable course creator

So it's it's really the five key ingredients put all together that turns you from that frustrated wannabe course creator into a confident & profitable course creating coach or solopreneur.

Next steps....

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